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LGBTQ+ Curriculum

LGBTQ+ Curriculum


  • Two lectures are given by the UMMC program, STAR TRACK (Special Teens At-Risk, Together Reaching Access, Care and Knowledge). This an interdisciplinary program to address the complicated needs of adolescents who are infected with HIV. These lectures cover LGBTQ+ terminology, disparities, risk factors, and practice suggestions.
  • A lecture is given by a UMMC endocrinologist on transgender care and competencies.
  • A clinical correlate session with a transgender patient gives students an opportunity to interact, ask questions, and learn in a judgment-free zone with transgender patients.

Clerkship Opportunities

  • Elective in Adult HIV Outpatient: The elective will expose the student to outpatient ambulatory care of persons living with HIV infection.
  • Endocrine Certificate in Excellence: This optional opportunity allows students to gain experience in the care of endocrine disorders, including transgender care. The student will understand and incorporate knowledge of social determinants of health into patient care as they apply to endocrine medical care and earn a certificate upon completion.


  • Social Justice Track: The Social Justice Track is a four-year elective course that will offer students the opportunity to learn and better understand the meaning of social justice. In this track, we will incorporate an understanding of what social justice means in different populations, evaluate the social factors that increase disparities, and discuss ways we can effectively address these issues.
  • Humanism Symposium: The Humanism Symposium is an elective course that offers medical students, SOM faculty, and members of the Baltimore community the opportunity to examine the full range of what it means to be a humanistic physician. It addresses topics across specialties, from medical ethics to cultural differences, spirituality to physician self-care.
  • Endocrine Elective (ENDR 541): Including opportunities such as UMMC Correction Clinic’s hormone-affirming care.

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