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CRISPR Services


CRISPR technologies provide powerful tools to interrogate gene function, assess consequences of specific gene mutations, conduct mutational analysis or generate valuable research tools for imaging or gene expression studies. CRISPR Services strives to facilitate access of researchers to gene editing technologies and provide a centralized resource for rapidly emerging CRISPR technologies.


Services Currently Available:

Gene knockout:

  • Generation of genetically validated knockout cell lines
  • Generation of validated cell lines containing desired mutations and SNPs

Gene editing:

CRISPR Services can perform all aspects of projects from design to generation of NGS validated cell lines or provide validated reagents for researchers to conduct CRISPR themselves. All CRISPR projects begin with a discussion so that we understand the goals of your project and help you decide which strategy most appropriately meet your needs.


Brandon Carter-Cooper, MS
CRISPR Services Manager


Rena Lapidus PhD
Asst Director, UMGCCC Shared Services


BRB 7-010C


Monday through Friday
9:00am - 5:00pm


Office: 410-706-2171

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