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Minimum Protocol

SOP from the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank
A Brain and Tissue Repository of the NIH NeuroBioBank

Minimum Protocol for Brain Dissection

This protocol requires a minimum number of cuts that result in large brain sections. When further sectioned they provide samples identical to that of the standard brain sectioning protocol of the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank.

This protocol is easy to follow for those with minimum brain sectioning experience. The fixed hemisphere and the frozen sections are shipped overnight to the Bank.

All tissues: Rinse with water, blot dry, discard paper towel, and freeze on flat surface. Once the tissue is frozen, place it in separate PLASTIC bags. Please do NOT wrap brain in aluminum foil as it is nearly impossible to remove from the frozen brain.

STEP 1: Remove entire brain and as much of the cervical spinal cord as possible.

STEP 2: Remove the entire medulla and any attached cervical spinal cord (to be frozen).

STEP 3: Section into left and right hemisphere, after the medulla has been removed.

STEP 4: Fix entire right hemisphere, minus medulla, in 10% formalin.

STEP 5: For the left hemisphere, remove the brain stem/cerebellum as a unit by cutting just posterior to the cerebral peduncle.

STEP 6: Remove the cerebellum from the brain stem/cerebellum unit.

STEP 7: Freeze the medulla, left cerebrum, left brain stem and left cerebellum on a flat surface at -80oC. Please assure that the tissue remains flat. Place in separate bags after freezing.


* For technical questions please contact Lexi LeFevre at 1-800-847-1539.