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UMSOM Shadowing Program

Please Note: To prioritize matching current shadowers, we have paused accepting new shadowing applications at this time. For those who remain interested in our Shadowing Program, please check back in the fall to apply for available shadowing positions.

The UMSOM Office of Admissions is thrilled to offer a shadowing program for aspiring future physicians to work with our esteemed alumni in collaboration with the Medical Alumni Association, and with our dedicated SOM faculty physicians at the University of Maryland Medical Center! Clinical experience is critical to preparing for medical school and a career in medicine, and physician shadowing is one of the most valuable forms of clinical experience applicants can obtain.

We are proud to offer this opportunity to individuals seriously planning to apply to medical school, and grateful to our wonderful alumni and SOM faculty for serving as role models in this program. This shadowing program is available for any individual who intends to apply to an MD, MD/Master’s, or MD/PhD program in the near future, regardless of institution or home state. To foster meaningful experiences, shadowers are expected to complete a minimum of 40 hours within a three-month period and may be able to have a second shadowing experience if interested.

Due to limitations in the number and location of participating physicians, we may not be able to find a match for all who apply. We strongly encourage you to continue to seek additional clinical experience opportunities outside of this program.


  • Submission of Undergraduate/Post-Baccalaureate/Graduate transcript (current program or most recently completed).
  • Statement of interest - Please briefly describe what you hope to gain from this shadowing experience in 500 characters max.
  • Once matched to work with a physician in our program, it is the responsibility of the shadower to submit any required forms and/or complete any required training to be able to shadow, as determined by the clinical site. All shadowers must be HIPAA certified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Maryland to participate in your shadowing program?

No, all interested individuals intending to apply to medical school are welcome to participate, regardless of home state or current residency. The majority of our faculty and alumni do reside in Maryland, but we also recruit School of Medicine alumni from across the U.S. to work with our shadowers.


Do I have to attend a college in Maryland to participate in your shadowing program?

No, any individual genuinely interested in a career in medicine and planning to apply for medical school in the near future is welcome to apply regardless of their institution.


Do I have to currently be in college (undergrad) to sign up for the shadowing program?

No, our shadowing program is for genuinely interested individuals who may be in college or in their post-college years, career-changers, and who intend to apply to an MD, MD/Master’s, or MD/PhD program in the near future.


Is HIPAA training required?

Yes, before shadowers start shadowing, they will need to complete HIPAA training (if they haven’t already completed the training), and any other paperwork required by the shadowing site.

If a shadower is assigned to shadow a doctor at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), they will need to fill out the volunteer application and complete the required forms. Visit Volunteer Services to fill out the application and other forms.


If my application is accepted, what is the next step?

You will receive an email with the contact information of the faculty/alumni you are matched with to shadow. It is your responsibility as the shadower to then contact your assigned physician and coordinate the shadowing start date and schedule, and any other logistics (required paperwork/HIPAA training).


Is there a maximum number of hours I can shadow?

No, there is no maximum number of shadowing hours. We ask shadowers to coordinate hours with the physician they will be shadowing, with the goal of completing, at minimum, 40 hours of shadowing over a three-month period.

If more than three months are needed to complete 40 hours, this is acceptable provided the physician has approved allowing the shadower to work with them beyond the three-month period.


Can I get matched more than once?

Yes, after you have completed your first shadowing experience, there will be an opportunity for you to be matched again without having to re-apply.


Contact Us

Please contact the UMSOM Office of Admissions if you have questions about the shadowing program. You can also send an email to