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UMSOM in the Media

January - June 2021

DateStory TopicFaculty FeaturedLink
6/16 Stop the bleed campaign David Efron WMAR
6/15 Aortic dissection tied to worse outcomes in women than in men Thomas Gleason Reuters
6/10 'We were all scared,' The 40-year history of the HIV told by contemporary witnesses Bob Gallo Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin (Germany)
6/9 Nearly 20% of people with unexplained cardiac death have previously undetected genetic variants Aloke Finn Beckers Hospital Review
6/9 Effectiveness of new Alzheimer's drug approved by FDA Julia Biernot CNN online
6/9 New Alzheimer's drug: what to know Julia Biernot WebMD
6/8 How microbes can reveal where we're from Lynn Schriml NPR
6/1 Seasonal Affective Disorder Isn't Just for Winter Teodor Postolache New York Times
5/29 Exoskeleton-Assisted Walking May Improve Bowel Function Peter Gorman Neuroscience News
5/27 Maryland researchers study whether HIV cure can come from infusing patients with genetically modified ‘super T cells’ Robert Gallo Baltimore Sun
5/19 UMSOM expert answers COVID-19 questions from viewers (featured as individual questions shown on broadcasts over time) Matthew Laurens WBAL, Yahoo, MSN
5/17 CDC takeaway for masking: if you're vaccinated, you're safe Elizabeth Clayborne Yahoo Finance
5/13 The golden ticket for kids 11 and younger is a spot in a COVID-19 vaccine trial James Campbell  Washington Post
5/13 U.S. shouldn't prioritize vaccinating teens over donating shots abroad if it wants to get back to normal  Kathleen Neuzil  Business Insider
5/13 UMSOM begins vaccinating children in Novavax trial    Baltimore Sun
5/13 Psychedelic drugs to treat mental health issues Scott Thompson Baltimore Sun
5/13 UMSOM starts Novavax adolescent trial    MSNWJZ
5/13 Shot of Hope: DC area kids start COVID-19 vaccine study  James Campbell  NBC4MSN
5/13 COVID vaccine trial for teens starts at UMSOM   WMAR
5/12 Kids as young as 6 months start UMSOM pediatric COVID-19 study James Campbell WJLA
5/12 He tells his friends he is saving the world: An inside look at Moderna's COVID vaccine study in children  James Campbell WUSA
5/12 Essential oils for gout Bernadette Siaton The Healthy MSN
5/11 7 lingering COVID-19 vaccine questions Matthew Laurens Science News
5/10 Video: The second dose of coronavirus vaccine might make you sick. Here is why that's a good thing Kathleen Neuzil  Washington Post 
5/10 Turning down gym class music to protect hearing Ronna Hertzano WTOP

Moderna, Pfizer warn of need for boosters

Kirsten Lyke  



Doctor discusses his son's participation in UMSOM COVID-19 vaccine study 




Pfizer/BioNTech requests full FDA approval of COVID-19 vaccine

Kirsten Lyke



COVID-19 booster shots probably won't cause worse side effects than original vaccine

Kathleen Neuzil

Business Insider


Pfizer vaccine is effective against two worst variants 

Kathleen Neuzil

Yahoo! Finance

5/5  Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine offers strong protection against key variants of concern Kathleen Neuzil  Washington Post 
5/5 Treating gout in the ankle Bernadette Siaton The Healthy MSN
5/4 With COVID vaccines for kids and teens, timing matters James Campbell  New York Times
5/4 What you need to know about kids and COVID-19 vaccines Miriam Laufer New York Public Radio
5/4 What vaccine availability will mean for the fall 2021 school year Andrea Berry WJLA
5/3 Baltimore researchers mark one year since first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine Kirsten Lyke WJZ
5/3 Thousands of children now involved in COVID vaccine trials James Campbell  Scripps (national)
5/3 Quest for HIV vaccine yields new hope José Esparza National Geographic
5/2 Some schools skip student quarantines Meagan Fitzpatrick  Washington Post
4/28 Children could soon get COVID-19 vaccines as Maryland kids pave way in new study James Campbell Baltimore Sun
4/21 6 Things that can cause black toenails Marcia Driscoll The Healthy MSN
4/15 Behavioral problems linked to snoring Amal Isaiah WTOP radio
4/14 Magic mushrooms as good as antidepressants Scott Thompson MSN Lifestyle
4/14 Your kid's snoring may be affecting their brain Amal Isaiah MSN Health 
4/14 Snoring linked to learning hurdles in kids Amal Isaiah

Fox News

4/13 Why parents should take kids' snoring really seriously Amal Isaiah

Huffington Post

4/12 Is Your Spin Class Music Way Too Loud? Ronna Hertzano

US News and World Report 

3/10 How Grief Rewires the Brain Lisa Shulman

US News and World Report

3/2 Promising New Treatments for Dry Eye Bennie Jeng

Ophthalmology Times

2/24 Tiger Woods Recovery from Car Crash Andrew Pollak Washington Post
2/24 Tiger Woods Recovery from Car Crash Andrew Pollak CBS Evening News

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