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Graduate Programs

Ph.D. Programs

The Programs in Epidemiology and Human Genetics (track in Human Genetics and Genomic Medicine) and Molecular Medicine (track in Genome Biology) within The Graduate Program in Life Sciences offers graduate students the opportunity to pursue a Ph.D. in the research areas of human genetics and genomics.


Master's Programs

Three master’s programs are available at UMB. The first, Master's in Genetic Counseling Program is a two year clinical program to train students in the field of genetic counseling. There are currently available two distinct Master's of Science Programs. There is a M.S. in Human Genetics and a Master's in Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science. Both are two year degree programs.


Master's in Genetic Counseling Program: 

  • Shannan DeLany Dixon, M.S, C.G.C.
    Director, Master's in Genetic Counseling Program 
  • Ann S. Toma
    Academic Coordinator 

Master's in Human Genetics: 

  • Toni I. Pollin, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology & Public Health
    Track Leader for the Human Genetics and Genomic MedicineProgram, GPILS
  • Jessica Kelley, Program Coordinator 

Master's in Cellular and Molecular Biomedical Science: 

  • Charles Chaffin, Ph.D.
    Program Director
    Associate Professor, Dept. of Medicine
    OB/GYN and Reproductive Medicine