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Center for Vascular & Inflammatory Diseases

Insults to the vasculature can cause a wide range of life threatening diseases that include: stroke, myocardial infarction, hypertension, diabetes and chronic kidney disease. Inflammation is emerging as a key contributor to many vascular diseases and further, plays a major role in autoimmune diseases, arthritis, allergic reactions and cancer. Tumor cells can induce the formation of new blood vessels through a process called angiogenesis and in concert with inflammation is thought to be critical in the transition from a benign to a malignant disease.

Research at the Center focuses on integrating molecular and cell biology with applied and clinical sciences specifically in the areas of biochemistry, vascular biology, immunology, cancer biology, hematopoiesis, stem cell biology and cardiology.

Translational Research

Vascular Surgery Research Offers Potential Hope for Future Patients

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