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To contact us, please call:
(410) 328-6091


The Women’s Mental Health Program has five sites, each with a highly specialized focus.

Our sites include:

  • Family Medicine: houses the Healthy Steps (hyperlink to: program for pregnant women and new mothers, as well as a postpartum support group.
  • Carruthers Clinic (Midtown): works with the Department of Pediatrics to coordinate Maternal Mental Health referrals.
  • Penn Street Women’s Health Care: provides co-located psychiatric consultations for pregnant and postpartum women.
  • Walter P. Carter Clinic, 701 W. Pratt St, 2nd floor: offers outpatient perinatal psychiatry and therapy services.
  • 419 Redwood Street/P.A.: provides outpatient perinatal psychiatry and therapy for patients associated with the OB/GYN Faculty Practice or the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. Additionally, this location provides consultation to patients referred from other providers.