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Consultation-Liaison Interest Group


The goal of the University of Maryland’s Consultation-Liaison Interest Group is to provide medical students and psychiatry residents with the resources and training necessary to critically evaluate emerging trends in psychosomatic medicine.

How to use this site:

This website will highlight ongoing and emerging issues on the frontier of the practice of psychiatry and medicine using clinical case vignettes with accompanying expert commentary.

A common clinical question will be presented under the tab: What would you do? Take a moment to consider your response. When ready, play the accompanying video to see what an expert might do.

What would you do?

Q:   A 36 year old woman with bipolar affective disorder plans a pregnancy but is concerned about continuing lithium treatment which she has found to be effective. What advice would you give her?







The answer may not be so simple. Click the video to see what advice Dr. Harrison-Restelli would provide.   

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Q:   An internal medicine colleague consults you. He is planning to begin treating a 55 year old man for hepatitis C with interferon and ribavirin. Your colleague is wondering if prophylactic treatment with antidepressant medication is indicated. What would you suggest?







The answer may not be so simple. Click the video to see what advice Dr. Himelhoch would advise.   

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Q:   A 45 year old African American woman has Stage II ER+ PR+ DCIS (estrogen and progesterone receptor positive ductal carcinoma in situ) and is status post chemotherapy and radiation. She is currently on tamoxifen, and has just been diagnosed with major depressive disorder. Which of the following medications would be most appropriate to offer (in addition to psychotherapy) to treat her depressive disorder?

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The answer may not be so simple. Click the video to see what advice Dr. Morgan-James would offer.   

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If you are a student, resident or fellow at the University of Maryland at Baltimore and would like to attend a Psychosomatic Interest Group Meeting or sign-up for a more in-depth review using BlackBoard, please send us your name and email address and we will contact you shortly. 

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