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Education and Training


Dr. Kim joined the University of Maryland Medical Center faculty in 2013 as Assistant Professor in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine. She received her American Board of Radiology Diagnostic Radiology certification in 2012, and her Pediatric Radiology subspecialty certification in 2014. Dr. Kim currently serves as the Medical Director of General Radiology, and the Compliance Officer for the Department of Diagnostic Radiology.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Pediatric Radiology, Ultrasound, Body MRI

Highlighted Publications

Chernyak V, Kim JS, Rozenblit AM, Mazzariol F, Ricci Z. Hepatic enhancement during the hepatobiliary phase after gadoxetate disodium administration in patients with chronic liver disease: the role of laboratory factors. J Magn Reson Imaging 2011; 34:301-309

Kim JS, Chandler A, Borzykowski R, Thornhill B, Taragin BH. Maximizing Time Resolved MRA for Differentiation of Hemangiomas, Vascular Malformations and Vascularized Tumors. Pediatr Radiol 2012; 4:775-784

Koc G, Courtier JL, Kim JS, Miniati DN, MacKenzie JM. Intra-abdominal inverted umbilical cord in gastroschisis: a unique ultrasound finding. Pediatr Radiol 2014; 44:109-111

Dreizin D, Kim W, Kim JS, Boscak A, Bodanapally U, Munera F, Stein D. Will the Real SCIWORA please stand up? Exploring the lexicon of clinicoradiologic mismatch in closed spinal cord injuries. AJR 2015; 205(4): 853-860 

Baron M, Joslin S, Kim JS, Shet NS, Pocta B, Olivi P. Enhancing the Imaging Experience for Pediatric Patients. Radiology Management 2016; 38(3): 31-36

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