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Shared Resources & Facilities

‌Various major research equipments are available and shared by the researchers in the Department of Pathology. One of these shared facilities is located on the 7th floor of the MSTF building (Rooms 7-60 and 7-66) across the hall from the conference room.

Major equipment includes a Beckman J-21C ultracentrifuge and a Beckman-Coulter Avanti J-25 Centrifuge (Room 7-66), an inverted fluorescent microscope, a Leica upright fluorescent microscope (courtesy of the Zhao lab), 2 BioRad IQ5 Multicolor Real-time PCR Detection System, a Kodak Gel Logic 440 Imaging System and a Perkin-Elmer Victor3 1420 Multilabel Counter.

Q5 Real-Time PCR Detection System

Q5 Real-Time PCR Detection SystemThe iQ5 real-time PCR detection system is a modular upgrade to the iCycler thermal cycler with 96-well reaction module. With the iQ5 system, you can accurately quantitate targets over a dynamic range of more than 9 orders of magnitude. You can also perform qualitative assays for allelic discrimination or screening for known mutations. The iQ5 system offers five-target analysis capabilities for multiplex PCR and data collection and analysis options for gene expression analysis. The iQ5 system is compatible with multiple detection chemistries, providing maximum flexibility in real-time PCR applications.

Key Features

  • Multiplexing of up to five fluorophores in each reaction vessel
  • Robust, reliable thermal cycling performance and real-time PCR thermal gradient for rapid assay optimization
  • Intuitive software for protocol setup
  • Multiple options for data analysis and presentation that provide a comprehensive view of assay results
  • Advanced gene expression analysis methods that include publication-quality statistics and graphs for relative quantitation
  • Flexible allelic discrimination analysis tool that allows automatic sample identification in genotyping experiments
  • Embedded tool for end-point fluorescence analysis that simplifies qualitative assessment of sample abundance in single- or multicolor assays
  • iQ5 Security Edition software upgrade, offering tools for compliance with US FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations

Perkin-Elmer Victor3 1420 Multilabel Counter

Perkin-Elmer Victor3 1420 Multilabel CounterVICTORTM Light is a luminescence counter for microplate applications, including cell-based assays, toxicology screens and more. The capability of the system can be extended through a wide range of optional accessories to meet specific needs. As a small benchtop unit, VICTOR Light can operate as a stand-alone instrument or can be integrated into a robotic system.

Key Features

Counting Modes and Applications

  • Glow luminescence
  • Flash luminescence
  • Dual luminescence (such as dual luciferase assays)
  • Dual emission luminescence (such as BRET and BRET2)

Run practically any microplate-based luminescence application:

  • Cell-based assays, including BRETs
  • Immunoassays
  • Toxicology
  • Drug screening
  • Food monitoring
  • Gene expression

KODAK Gel Logic 440 Digital Imaging System

KODAK Gel Logic 440 Digital Imaging SystemKey Features

Sensitive, High Resolution Imaging

  • Cooled CCD allows sensitive imaging of chemiluminescence and low-light fluorescence
  • 752 x 582 pixel array and 6x zoom provide 69 micron/pixel resolution
  • Label and sample versatility
  • Designed to image chemiluminescence, UV-fluorescence, and colorimetric labels
  • Epi-and transillumination options allow imaging of gels, plates and membranes and more

Quantitative Imaging Performance

  • 12-bit camera and 16-bit files produce up to 65,000 levels of grayscale resolution
  • Linear dynamic range up to 3.8 OD

To learn more about these shared facilities, please contact Lili Zhao at or ext. 6-6312.