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Community Partnership

A cooperative and equitable partnership between the Research Center and the community partner(s) in each stage of the research process (concept, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination) must be clearly demonstrated.

Community organization: A non-Federal, non-academic organization that provides goods, services, support, resources, or advocacy to members of a defined community. Examples include community or faith-based organizations, local businesses, neighborhood associations, labor unions, patient or consumer advocacy groups, public health departments, healthcare systems, community health centers, school systems, law enforcement or criminal justice agencies, social service agencies, or departments of commerce, labor, transportation, housing, recreation. Governmental organizations at the local, regional, tribal, or state level fall within this definition.

Practices under Our Partnership

  • Maryland Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System and our medical center.
  • Addiction Psychiatrist (Dr. Christopher Welsh), a community obstetrician, a pediatrician, a social worker, an addiction counselor and a community representative.
  • The ICTR Community Engagement Core (described in Section V1)
  • Lemkin and Howard Fishein of the Center for Technological Invention (CTI2)

Those four practices include:

  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services (OATS)
  • University of Maryland Midtown Campus Center or Addiction Medicine (CAM)
  • University of Maryland Addiction Treatment Center
  • Substance Use in Pregnant and Parenting Outpatient Recovery and Treatment (SUPPORT)