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Offered as a public service by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Mini-Med School is a series of tuition-free classes designed to help Baltimore area residents improve their health and well-being. 

Mini-Med School:
Providing Free Health & Wellness Education in Baltimore

(2018) Overview and history of University of Maryland School of Medicine's Mini-Med School.

Mini-Med School for Kids:

(2018) Every year, the University of Maryland School of Medicine partners with a Boys and Girl's club in West Baltimore to provide health education to young students during the summer. In this video, students learn about allergy and asthma and go on board the University of Maryland's Breathmobile.

Mini-Med School at the University of Maryland:
Your Prescription for Good Health!

(2013) Video report on Mini-Med School produced by Larry Roberts, Director, Public Affairs & Digital Communications.

Mini-Med School for Kids:
A Commitment to Community Service

(2013) Mini-Med School for Kids targets children from underserved Baltimore neighborhoods near the University of Maryland School of Medicine, in hopes of instilling in them key messages about relevant health and lifestyle issues.