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Mini-Med FAQs

Who should attend Mini-Med School?
Mini-Med students cover a wide spectrum of professions. They include health care professionals, researchers, teachers, retirees, children, high school seniors, college students, and community leaders.

Which Mini-Med School Program should I attend?
The UMSOM hosts three Mini-Medical School programs annually.

  • The fall Mini-Med School Program (MMS) is open to all Baltimore area residents. While all of our lectures are designed to be casual and informative, the fall program is intended to help local residents make improved decisions about their health. Previous classes have focused on glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertension and heart health. Participants have also learned about childhood vaccinations, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease.
  • The Mini-Med School for Kids Program (MMK) is designed for local city youth. In collaboration with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Franklin Square, Mini-Med for Kids Program was created to help participants understand the harms and risk factors of non-communicable diseases.
  • Our Seniors Medical Symposium is specifically for Baltimore seniors who are interested in the latest advances in science and medicine. The six-week course is held at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) in the spring.

How much is the course?
There is no cost for our fall Mini-Med School and Mini-Med School for Kids Programs.

Are refreshments served at Mini Medical School?
Yes, we provide refreshments for all of our MMS and MMK participants.

What are my options for parking on campus for the MMS Program?
Free parking is available in the Pratt Street Garage, located at Pratt and Penn Streets, for our fall semester students (MMS). There is also a direct entrance to the SMC Campus Center from the third floor of the Pratt Street garage.

Are continuing education units (CEU) or academic credits available to Mini Medical School students?
Unfortunately, formal credit is not available through Mini-Med School. However, our students receive completion certificates at the end of the MMS and MMK program.

How can I register for the program?
Registration details can be found online on our webpage: