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Open to MPH and Ph.D.

Cancer Epidemiology Course

The Division of Cancer Epidemiology offers an elective course in Cancer Epidemiology. The course is designed to reinforce epidemiologic principles while at the same time provide training specific to research on cancer in populations, both domestically and globally. The course explores the roles of the environment, behavior, and genetics in cancer etiology and outcomes. At the end of the course, students have the knowledge to begin to think creatively about the cancer problem and the skills needed to conduct epidemiologic research aimed at reducing cancer morbidity and mortality. A combination of lectures, seminars and class activities are used. The course is offered in the fall of alternate years and is directed by Dr. Clement Adebamowo, BMChB Hons, FWACS, FACS, ScD, Associate Professor, Division of Cancer Epidemiology.

Student Mentoring

Faculty in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology mentor individual students enrolled in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health’s MPH, MS and PhD programs who are interested in exploring research opportunities and/or pursuing careers in cancer epidemiology. Through hands on experience working under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students have opportunities to gain skills in all aspects of epidemiologic research from study design and data collection through data analysis and manuscript preparation.

Post Doctoral Fellowships

Individual faculty members in the Division of Cancer Epidemiology offer post-graduate training in cancer epidemiology. Currently, opportunities are available for advanced training in molecular, genetic and infectious disease epidemiology.

Division Director

Joanne F. Dorgan, PhD, MPH

Joanne F. Dorgan, PhD, MPH