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Faculty Excellence

Our faculty are the mainsprings of discovery, and the fountains of inspiration and knowledge for our medical students. Each day, they inspire and train exceptional students to become future physicians and medical professionals who will transcend the boundaries of medicine on their own.

Every day, our faculty work to make many once life-threatening diseases and conditions just a memory. Not only are they treating the most complex medical conditions with the latest technology and therapies, but they are also developing them.

The advancement of research, innovative discovery, and entrepreneurship is the catalyst for transforming medicine. Through progressive research training and career development, we strive to nurture and grow our faculty in all stages of their academic medical careers.

There is no better incentive to attract and retain the best scholars, researchers, and teachers than an endowed chair or professorship. These endowments reward outstanding faculty by providing each recipient with critical resources to launch, sustain, and expand promising research and innovative educational and clinical initiatives.


Mary J. Njoku, MD
Matjasko Professor of Anesthesiology Education
“This endowed professorship has allowed time for the professional growth and development of our graduate medical education programs, the area where I spend the majority of my administrative time and educational effort."

Susan D. Wolfsthal, MD
Celeste Lauve Woodward, MD Professor of Humanitarian and Ethical Medical Practice
“The Celeste Lauve Woodward endowment remains an exceptional honor for me. It has provided me with dedicated time to pursue innovative programs with my residents fellows, and students. I am most grateful to the Woodward Family for endowing this professorship and for their continued support of our educational endeavors.”

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Center for Advanced Research Training & Innovation (CARTI)

University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) strives to promote the educational environment, training, and workforce that will invigorate and accelerate clinical translational research to improve patient and community health. To this end, President Bruce E. Jarrell, MD, FACS has established the Center for Advanced Research Training & Innovation (CARTI) within the UMSOM as the pinnacle of UMB's commitment to provide an educational environment that nurtures intellectual curiosity and innovation. 
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Endowed Chairs and Professorships

As leaders in their fields, our faculty are making profound discoveries that catalyze change, teaching medical students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners, and acting as a transformative force in the broader world. Endowed chairs and professorships can be catalysts for investment in the greatest minds in medicine and a powerful resource to advance medical education, discovery and clinical innovation - the pursuits that change lives.
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