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Postdoctoral Positions

Academic Fellowships

New opportunities for postdoctoral training under the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Medicine’s Training Program in Cardiovascular Cell Biology, supported by the NIH. These fellowships offer funding for stipend, travel and training related expenses.

Trainees will obtain an integrated understanding of translational biomedical science: from molecule to man - with a major focus on cardiovascular physiology and pathology, including the molecular basis and genetics of cardiovascular and renal disease. Training within labs of our 32 faculty mentorstakes place within a highly collaborative training environment, and includes: molecular determinants of muscle cell and heart function, Ca2+signaling, biophysics and trafficking of ion channels and membrane transport proteins, the function of the cytoskeleton, genome wide association studies (GWAS), molecular mechanisms contributing to heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, sleep disorders, circadian activity, renal disease and stroke.

How to Apply:

Applicants must have a PhD, MD, or comparable degree. Funded positions are restricted to US citizens and permanent residents.

Please send curriculum vitae, a statement of research interests and the names of three references to: Steven A Fisher, MD.