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GLP-QA Staff

Testing Facilities Manager (TFM)

Dr. Dan Schulze’s responsibilities are to oversee operations of document management, quality assurance and archiving of materials related to GLP/GMP studies within the Quality Systems Office.  He also works with study directors to ensure that they can accomplished the goals of their study.  Dr. Schulze has been TFM for 5 years and has been a Professor and independent research investigator for more than 30 years.

Director of the Quality Assurance Unit

Mrs. Wilma Nelson has 38 years of experience in the Biotech industry with the last 20 years in Quality Assurance, including GLP, GMP and GCP.  Ms. Nelson has a combination of private industry, University and Federal experience.  She earned her degree in Animal Science Technology and certifications in Veterinary Technology (RVT), Laboratory Animal Technology (LATG), and GLP Quality Assurance (RQAP-GLP). 

Program Manager of Document Control

Susan Messics has 9 years of GLP experience.  Mrs. Messics received her BS from University of Maryland in Animal Sciences.  Mrs. Messics worked for 20 years with the Department of Defense specializing in development of drug screening assays for the purpose of screening potential antidotes to chemical warfare agents. She worked at Pennsylvania State University in the Animal Diagnostic Laboratory assisting with the setup of a quality assurance system to include QA records, SOPs and a web-based QA Data Management system.  Mrs. Messics worked in the Department of Translational Radiation Sciences department at UMB and was responsible for setting up a GLP laboratory.  Currently, she serves as the Program Manager responsible for document control and also is the Archivist for UMB.