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Faculty Excellence

‌The University of Maryland School of Medicine excels because of the leadership of our faculty and staff. Every day, our faculty and staff inspire the finest students and train them to become future physicians and medical professionals who will transcend the boundaries of medicine on their own.

There is no better incentive to attract and retain the best scholars, researchers, and teachers than an endowed chair or professorship. More than just conferring honor, endowed chairs and professorships reward and preserve our outstanding faculty by providing each member with critical resources needed to launch, sustain, and expand promising research and innovative educational and clinical initiatives.

Joseph S. Friedberg, MD
Charles Reid Edwards, MD Professor in Surgery
“It is now just over two years since I have come to the University of Maryland and just about a year since receiving the honor of the Charles Reid Edwards Endowed Professorship.  Despite this short period of time, much has already been accomplished and the path toward a productive future for the Division of Thoracic Surgery has been laid.  I owe this opportunity, and these accomplishments, in great part to the prestige your endowed professorship has afforded me. “

Maureen Black, PhD
Maureen M. Black, PhD
John A. Scholl MD and Mary Louise Scholl, MD Professor in Pediatrics
“It has been an honor to represent John and Mary Lou as the John A. Scholl, MD and Mary Louise Scholl, MD Endowed Professor. I have been fortunate to attract external funds to support most of our work and have used the endowment funds to support our local team. I am reminded of Mary Lou’s passion and commitment to young children, and I think that she would be pleased that her legacy is supporting the prevention of health disparities and the promotion of healthy habits among young children and families locally and globally.”

Dr. Griffth and Wu

Supporting an Endowed Professorship Can Make ‘Miracles’ Happen

Sometimes, says Christy Osborne, it’s important “to invest in the professionals who perform miracles every day.” One of the “professionals” to which Osborne is referring is Zhongjun “Jon” Wu, PhD, the inaugural recipient of the Peter Angelos Distinguished Professorship in Entrepreneurial Surgical Science at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM). Learn more

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A Catalyst for Attracting and Retaining the Best

By giving a generous gift to endow new professorships and chairs, you can help bring together the world’s leading experts and the brightest students, and support their collaboration and innovations. Through your gift, you can ensure a bright future in medicine.
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Endowed Chairs and Professorships

As leaders in their fields, our faculty are making profound discoveries that catalyze change, teaching medical students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners, and acting as a transformative force in the broader world. Endowed chairs and professorships can be catalysts for investment in the greatest minds in medicine and a powerful resource to advance medical education, discovery and clinical innovation - the pursuits that change lives.
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