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Training Grant Support

The School of Medicine recognizes that applications and renewals of NIH sponsored Training Grants (T32, R25, etc.) are a sizable undertaking.

To help better support applications and renewals of these grants our Offices of: Academic Affairs, Graduate Program in Life Sciences, Medical Education, Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Affairs are working in collaboration to provide better access to the data needed to complete the tables associated with these grants.

Currently, the following are available:

Copies of the most recently submitted data tables for each training are available to faculty and their support staff. 

To obtain access:

  • Email SOM-ORA@som.umaryland.eduand explain why you are requesting access
  • When approved for access you will receive an invitation to a shared set of folders housed in the School’s OneDrive system. 

Additionally, the most recently available data on PhD applicant pools and other helpful information including a “help manual” constructed by Dr. Stefanie Vogel and Ms. Tanya Hopkins are maintained here.

Faculty Funding Information & a List of Training Grants on Campus (table 3) can be obtained by emailing

Information of current and past PhD trainees including demographic information and publications can be obtained by contacting the appropriate GPILS staff member:

  • GPILS Staff directory:
    • GPILS will provide information via exported reports from the academic progressions tracking system developed by the Office of Medical Education; MedScope.
    • Current predoc trainee data “refreshes” are planned for the beginning of May and September each year.
    • Past predoc trainee data refreshes are planned for July[MT1]  each year.

Current Postdoc Trainee head-counts and basic demographic information are available from the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars:

  • Data on past trainees previously supported by our training grants will be made available in the near future (target of January 2018)

Descriptions of Core Facilities can be found here:

Letters of support may be obtained by emailing

If you would like to attend period meetings of the SOM’s Training Grant Support Work Group please contact and you will be added to this committee’s email list.