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Mini-Med School

What is Mini-Med School?

In this video, find out what Mini-Med School is all about>>

Offered as a public service by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Mini-Med School is a series of tuition-free classes designed to help Baltimore residents improve their health and well being. Mini-Med School lectures are presented by faculty physicians in medical school classrooms, but you don't need a background in science to attend.

Mini-Med School is open to everyone. The five weekly sessions are designed to be casual, fun, and informative, while focusing on health care issues that are important to everyone.

Previous classes have focused on glaucoma, diabetes, and hypertension and heart health. Mini-Med School participants have also learned about childhood vaccinations, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Each class includes a question and answer session. A graduation ceremony is held during the final class and participants receive a special certificate marking the occasion.

The idea to host a Mini-Med School program at the University of Maryland grew out of a desire to reach out to the residents who live in the communities surrounding the School of Medicine.

In addition to providing the public with important health care information, the goal of the University of Maryland's mini-med school is to raise the public's awareness of biomedical research and the importance of enrolling in clinical trials. Mini-med school helps us to give a lay audience a better understanding of the basic terms and concepts used in the biomedical sciences, the processes involved in science and the importance of research to modern society.

Mini-Med School is presented in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health and the Association of American Medical Colleges.

For more information about Mini-Med School, please contact:

Office of Public Affairs
(410) 706-8518