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Seeking healthy adults aged 18-50 for an investigational oral phage product against shigella. 

Study duration will be approximately 8 months. Volunteers will complete 5 outpatient visits and have a 9 to 11-day inpatient stay.

During the inpatient stay, participants will drink placebo or study product 3 times per day for 6 days and will be “challenged” with live Shigella.

Compensation up to $4,100 for qualified volunteers. 

Phages are viruses that infect only specific bacteria. This study investigates a phage product that specifically targets Shigella. 

Shigella is a bacteria that can be ingested from contaminated food or water and causes a serious diarrheal infection, called dysentery. Shigella is one of the leading causes of diarrhea worldwide and is especially detrimental to children in developing countries. Globally, there are approximately 190 million diarrhea cases and an estimated 65,000 deaths due to Shigella each year. Shigella can be treated with oral and/or intravenous fluids and antibiotics; however, antibiotic resistance is increasing. There are currently no licensed vaccines against Shigella.

To qualify, email, call 410-706-8800, or complete our contact form.