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Malaria MAM01 Monoclonal Antibody Triala surprised mosquito

This study is testing the safety and effectiveness of an experimental human monoclonal antibody called MAM01 for preventing malaria. Monoclonal means that all the antibodies in the product are the same.  We are looking for 61 people who will be randomly assigned to receive either MAM01 at different doses or a placebo (a fake antibody). Some participants will receive MAM01 through an IV and others will receive it through a shot under the skin. Participants will stay at the study site for at least 6 hours after receiving the antibody, and some will receive a second dose later.

After you receive your dose, we will test whether MAM01 provides protection against malaria by exposing you to the bite of infected mosquitoes.  We will treat you immediately if you develop malaria. The study will be conducted in two parts, with the second part testing additional doses of the antibody. The study will be conducted in Baltimore at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, in collaboration with the Gates Foundation.

Qualified participants must be:

Participants will be compensated up to $5,410.

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