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two people underneath an umbrella with microbesInpatient Influenza Transmission Study 

The Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health (CVD) is collaborating with University of Maryland School of Public Health (SPH), College Park to establish a registry for future influenza transmission studies. This screening protocol seeks volunteers who would be willing to participate in future influenza transmission studies in a quarantine research facility where there is the risk of influenza infection. Those who are eligible for the registry may remain on the registry for up to 5 years and will be contacted to participate in future flu transmission studies in a quarantine research facility.  

Up to 1000 healthy adults aged 18 to 49 inclusive will be enrolled at the CVD. Demographic information, health status and medical history, current medications and antibodies to influenza will be assessed at the screening visit and updated during the follow-up visits. A blood sample and nasal wash will be collected at each visit. Participants may be in this registry for up to 5 years waiting for eligibility in future flu transmission studies.  Volunteers will be scheduled for follow-up visits approximately every 6 months.  

We hope this registry will help us to quickly identify eligible healthy adults to enroll them into the future influenza transmission studies. If you are interested in participating in the research registry and would like more information, please call 410-706-8800. 

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