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The CVD's most recent bi-annual Vaccinology course (PREV 627)  began in February 2021. The course consisted of a series of lectures on a variety of vaccinology topics including:

Special lectures addressed highly debated issues of current interest such as vaccine safety, public perception of vaccines, and emerging infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola and Zika). Lectures were presented by experts in the field recruited from industry, academia, and government.

This  course is a unique opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the field of vaccinology. A certificate of training is provided to those who attend regularly.


1/25/21 History of Vaccination Mike Levine 
1/27/21 How and Why Vaccines are Made by Industry Stanley Plotkin (CEPI; Pasteur Merieux)
2/1/21 Vaccine Policy: Role of the FDA (EUA) Norman Baylor (Biologics Consulting; Former Director OVRR FDA)
2/3/21 Vaccines and Public Health, Legal and Ethical Considerations Trudy Henson (UMB School of Law)
2/8/21 Vaccine Immunology Basics F. Toapanta (CVD, UMB)
2/10/21 Immune Effector Mechanisms of the mRNA Moderna COVID Vaccine in NHP Bob Seder (Cellular Immunology Section, NIAID)
2/15/21 Sex Differences and Vaccines Sabra Klein (JHU School of Public Health)
2/17/21 Modeling Vaccine Impact  M Fitzpatrick (CVD, UMB)
2/22/21 Prospective on Vaccines for Global Health Penny Heaton (BMG Foundation)
2/24/21 The Rationale for use of Clinical Endpoints to Evaluate the Value of Vaccines Brad Gessner (Pfizer Vaccines)
3/1/21 Vaccine Policy (VRBPAC, ACIP, RedBook, SAGE) Panel: K. Neuzil, J. Campbell, W. Chen (CVD, UMB) 
3/3/21 Vaccines and Public Perception Paul Offit (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
3/8/21 Student Presentations  
3/10/21 Student Presentations  
3/22/21 Novel Vaccine Platforms Barney Graham (Vaccine Research Center, NIAID)
3/24/21 SARS CoV 2  Panel: K. Neuzil, K. Lyke, M. Tapia (CVD, UMB)
3/29/21 Vaccines Against Diarrheal Diseases Karen Kotloff (CVD, UMB)
3/31/21 Salmonella Vaccines Matt Laurens and Sharon Tennant (CVD, UMB)
4/5/21 Malaria Vaccines Kirsten Lyke (CVD, UMB)
4/7/21 Influenza Justin Ortiz (CVD, UMB)
4/12/21 Cholera: Bench-to-Bedside Wilbur Chen (CVD, UMB)
4/14/21 Maternal/Neonatal Immunization Marcela Pasetti (CVD, UMB)
4/19/21 Vaccines Against STI Anne Jerse (Uniformed Services University)
4/21/21 Vaccines Against Neglected Parasitic Diseases Jesus Valenzuela (Vector Molecular Biology Section, NIAID)
4/26/21 Maurice Hilliman Movie - A Perilous Quest to Save the World's  Children  
4/28/21 Pediatric and Adult vaccines Panel: M. McArthur, Rebecca Carter, Niharika Khanna, Jason Goldstein
5/3/21 Nonspecific Effects of Vaccines Nigel Curtis (Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia)
5/5/21 Conjugate Vaccines Rafi Simon (Pfizer Vaccines)
5/10/21 Dengue Vaccines Stephen Thomas (State University of NY)
5/12/21 Systems Vaccinology John Tsang (Multiscale Systems Biology Section, NIAID)