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The CVD's most recent bi-annual Vaccinology course (PREV 627)  began in January 2019. The course consisted of a series of lectures on a variety of vaccinology topics including:

Special lectures addressed highly debated issues of current interest such as vaccine safety, public perception of vaccines, and emerging infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola and Zika). Lectures were presented by experts in the field recruited from industry, academia, and government.

This  course was a unique opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge in the field of vaccinology. A certificate of training will be provided to those who attend regularly.


History of Vaccines and Immunization
23 January 2019
Mike Levine, MD, DTPH

Domestic and International Vaccine Policy
28 January 2019
Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH

Role of Regulatory Agencies in Vaccine Testing and Licensure
30 January 2019
Norman W. Baylor, PhD

Vaccine and Immune Effector Mechanisms
4 February 2019
Marcelo Sztein, MD
Franklin Toapanta, MD, PhD

Innate Immunity and Adjuvants
6 February 2019
Alan Cross, MD

Ethical Considerations and Regulatory Issues
11 February 2019
Robert Edelman, MD

Vaccine Modeling
13 February 2019
Meagan Fitzpatrick, PhD

How and Why Vaccines are Made by Industry
25 February 2019
Stanley A. Plotkin, MD

Clinical Trials Phases 1-4 and Studies in the Developing World
27 Feburary 2019
Milagritos Tapia, MD

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Vaccines
4 March 2019
James Campbell, MD, MS

Student Presentations
6 March 2019
Florence Bada - Varicella and Zoster Vaccines
Lanaya Davis - All About HPV Vaccination
Liana Andronescu -  Rabies Vaccines
Sarah Bromberek - The Genomics Era Shaping the Model of Vaccine Development

Student Presentations
11 March 2019
Emily Smith - Current Legislature & Climate of Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions in the U.S.
Jerod Brammer - A Cancer Vaccine
Jimmy Vareta - Genomics and Vaccine Development
Meagan Deming - SARS and MERS Coronavirus Vaccine Considerations

Student Presentations
13 March 2019
Allison Kinlein - Meningitis: Meningococcal Vaccines
Amanda Driscoll - The Devdlopment of Vaccines for RSV
Jessica Allen - Antibody Dependent Enhancement
Scott Baliban - DNA Vaccines - A Platform Overview

Pediatric Vaccines
25 March 2019
Andrea Berry, MD

Sex Differences and Vaccines
27 March 2019
Sabra Klein, PhD

Vaccine Hesitancy: Perspectives from the Clinic
1 April 2019
Panel Discussion

Maternal Immunization
3 April 2019
Marcela Pasetti, PhD

Vaccines Against Emerging Viruses (Including Zika)
8 April 2019
Monica McArthur, MD, PhD

Vaccines Against Diarrheal Diseases
10 April 2019
Eileen Barry, PhD

Ebola Vaccines and Management of Ebola Outbreaks
15 April 2019
Ian Crozier, MD

Influenza Vaccines
17 April 2019
Justin Ortiz, MD, MS

Vaccines Against Tuberculosis
22 April 2019
Yuca Manabe, MD

24 April 2019
Kathy Neuzil, MD, MPH

Salmonella Vaccines
29 April 2019
Sharon Tennant, PhD

Systems Biology and Vaccination
1 May 2019
John Tsang, PhD

Vaccines and Public Perception
2 May 2019
Paul Offit, MD

Malaria Vaccines
6 May 2019
Kirsten Lyke, MD

Conjugate Vaccines
8 May 2019
Raphael Simon, PhD

Cholera Vaccines and Vaccine Licensure
13 May 2019
James Kaper, PhD