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Wednesday, February 01, 2017 - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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1:00 PM | 621 W. Lombard St. | SMC Campus Center, Room 210 This seminar will provide an overview of the range of SOM's corporate funding projects and describe state programs that help pay for collaborations with Maryland companies.
5:00 PM | Health Science Facility II Building, 20 Penn St., Auditorium Dr. Seema Iyer of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance will be our guest in the second of a series of lectures sponsored as part of the School of Medicine Social Justice Curriculum.
9:00 AM | 621 W. Lombard St. | SMC Campus Center, Room 351 This seminar will address the information covered in a research talk, including how to use graphics appropriately.
12:00 PM | Hosick Hall (1st Floor Bressler Research Bldg.) Speaker Michael Maitland, MD, PhD, Director of Therapeutics, Inova Center for Personalized Health
11:00 AM | Westminster Hall, 515-519 W. Fayette St. Baltimore, MD 21201 The IHV Greenebaum Lecture hosts John Martin, PhD, Chair & CEO of Gilead Sciences, Inc on "Research on Nucleotide Analogues has led to Major Advances in Antiviral Therapy." Lunch served afterwards.

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