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Thursday, March 01, 2018 - Saturday, March 31, 2018

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12:00 PM | VA Auditorium Speaker: Christopher Miller, M.D Topic: Nurturing Nature: Neuroimaging and Genetic Predictors of Psychotherapy Response
3:00 PM | 20 Penn St., HSF2 Room S341 Pulling Back the Curtain on Culture Media Development: Design, Validation and Production in a cGMP Environment
4:00 PM | HSF-II Auditorium Speaker: Joseph LeDoux, PhD Topic: Have We Misunderstood Fear and Anxiety
9:00 AM | Allied Health Building, 100 Penn Street, Room 211 A weekly research seminar series hosted by the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science.
12:00 PM | HSF II Auditorium, 20 Penn Street Topic: "Typhoid Fever: Modeling the Impact of New Strategies Against an Old Foe" Speaker: Virginia Elizabeth Pitzer, ScD
8:00 AM | Health Science Facility (HSF II) Room 600 - 20 Penn Street Frontiers in Oncology
3:30 PM | HSF-II Auditorium Speaker: David Redish, Ph.D. Topic: Mental time travel in rats, mice, and humans: implications for decision-making and neuroeconomics
9:00 AM | John M. Dennis Auditorium, VAMC Topic: "Next Generation Sequencing in Pathological and Clinical Application in Neuromuscular Disease" Speaker ~ Christopher J. Klein, MD
4:00 PM | Hosick Lecture Hall Speaker: Mike Michaelides Topic: “Noninvasive molecular imaging technologies for advancing neuroscience and psychiatry”
3:30 PM | HSF-II Auditorium Speaker: Gene Blatt, PhD Topic: Neuropathological and Neurochemical Alterations in the Autism Brain: Implications for Abnormal Neurocircuitry and E/I Imbalance
12:00 PM | Howard Hall, Room 450 Speakers: Hideaki Yano, Ph.D. and Kurt Fraser Topics: "Gαs / Gαolf biased signaling in dopamine D1 receptor"
1:30 PM | Howard Hall, Room 450 Lecture series to assist trainees interested in applying for faculty positions.
9:00 AM | John M. Dennis Auditorium, VAMC Topic: "Vestibular and Ocular Motor Findings in Thiamine Deficiency" Speaker: Jorge C. Kattah, M.D., FAAN
12:00 PM | Westminster Hall A Celebration of Women's History Month.
4:00 PM | Taylor Lecture Hall, BRB School of Medicine Council Meeting with Research Presenter Osamah Saeedi
12:00 PM | HSFII Auditorium and S241 Learn how to give a good talk and present your research clearly with our three part workshop featuring David Stern, a lab head at Janelia Research Campus, HHMI's standalone campus.

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