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Mentor Resources

Aligning Expectations

Alignment Phase Checklist

Assessing Fit Checklist

Common Expectations for Mentors

Entering Mentoring

Evaluating and Giving Feedback to Mentors: New Evidence-Based Approaches

Initial Mentoring Conversation: Preparing the Relationship

Mentorship Agreement Template

Mentoring Best Practices - Communication

Mentor Competencies Table

Mentoring Meeting Journal

Nature’s Guide for Mentors

One Hour Meeting Structure

Sample Mentoring Plans

Supporting the Research Process

Mentee Resources

Assessing Fit Checklist

Common Expectations for Mentees

Individual Career Development Plan

Making the Most of Mentors: A Guide for Mentees

Making the Right Moves

Making the Transition From Mentee to Mentor

Mentorship Agreement Template

Resource Guide For Faculty

Survive and Thrive

UMB ICTR Faculty Individual Development Plan

Suggested Reading

Gender Differences in Academic Medicine

Having the Right Chemistry: A Qualitative Study of Mentoring in Academic Medicine

Nature’s Guide for Mentors

Measuring the Effectiveness of Faculty Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring in Academic Medicine

Mentoring Toolbox Suggested Reading

Sponsorship: A Path to the Academic Medicine C-suite for Women Faculty?

Faculty Mentoring Toolkit: UCSF Faculty Mentoring Program