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Get Paid to Spread the Flu!

This flu transmission study is designed to examine the person-to-person transmission of community-acquired influenza in healthy adults aged 18 to 59. If you have been diagnosed with laboratory-confirmed influenza infection and have had an onset of influenza-like symptoms (fever ≥100.2°F and cough or sore throat) in the past 48 hours, you may qualify to participate in our flu-transmission study as a flu donor.

If you qualify for this study, you will be housed in a hotel research quarantine unit for up to 5 days. While on the research unit you will participate in group activities that will expose other people to your influenza. When you are not participating in the group activities you will be required to remain in your own private hotel room in the hotel quarantine unit. You will be instructed to only interact with other volunteers (recipients and donors) in the hotel research isolation unit during assigned group activities in a specialized transmission room. You will be asked to remain isolated in your assigned private hotel room when not participating in group activities.

The duration of this study is approximately 2-months. This study involves up to a 5-day stay in a hotel research quarantine unit, one outpatient clinic visit, and one telephone visit.

Qualified Participants to Be a donor for this study must:

Qualified Donor Participants Will Receive:

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