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Fisch, Adam
Alma mater: University of Maryland-College Park
PI: Alan Shuldiner, MD
Graduate Program: Molecular Medicine
Research Interests: Genomics for disease biomarker discovery.





Kvarta, Mark
Alma mater: Cornell University
PI: Scott Thompson, PhD
Graduate Program: Neuroscience
I am studying how aberrant synaptic plasticity and circuit activity contributes to depression, using electrophysiology, molecular biology, and behavioral neuroscience techniques. I study how chronic stress generates a depression-like phenotype in rodent models. Specifically, I am studying the role of the glucocorticoid corticosterone in altering synaptic composition and function in hippocampal area CA1. 


Maldarelli, Grace
Alma mater: Johns Hopkins University
PI: Michael Donnenberg, MD
Graduate Program: Microbiology & Immunology
I study the type IV pilus of the nosocomial pathogen Clostridium difficile. My work focuses on the roles of the protein monomers (called pilins) that compose the main body of the pilus, and how the pilus interacts with the host. 

E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA

John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean of the School of Medicine

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:

Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Administrative Title:




Wilson, Kyle
Alma mater: Kalamazoo College
PI: Paul Antony, PhD
Graduate Program: Microbiology & Immunology
I am interested in the interaction between CD4+ T cells and antigen presenting cells during adoptive cell transfer therapy for melanoma. My data suggest that pre-mNK cells (also known as interferon-producing killer dendritic cells) suppress the CD4+ T cell-mediated rejection of melanoma.