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  • UM SOM Scientist Awarded Roux Prize for Vaccine Work in Mali

    Samba Sow, MD, Msc Recognized for Saving the Lives of Children in Mali Through Hib Vaccination Program

  • UM SOM Vaccine Expert Warns of Risks of Influenza to Older Populations

    CVD Director Kathleen Neuzil Says People 65 and Older Risk Severe Complications from Influenza

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  • Research Identifies Causes and Possible Treatments for Deadly Diseases Affecting Children in Developing Countries

    University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Explore How to Prevent Diarrheal Diseases, a Leading Cause of Death in Young Children in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

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Center for Vaccine Development (CVD)

Preventing disease and saving lives through development and delivery of vaccines

For over 40 years, the CVD at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) in Baltimore, MD has worked domestically and internationally to develop, test, and deploy vaccines to aid the world’s underserved populations.

The CVD is an academic enterprise engaged in the full range of vaccinology from basic laboratory research through vaccine development, pre-clinical and clinical evaluation, large-scale pre-licensure field studies, and post-licensure assessments.


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Hot off the Press

Nicholas Feasey, PhD and Myron (Mike) Levine, MD, DTPH co-authored Typhoid Vaccine Fevelopment with a Human Challenge Model, 28 September 2017.


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