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Dr. Ozhan Turan Research

Ozhan Turan, MD, PhD

Ozhan Mehmet Turan, MD, PhD
Faculty Profile

Research Summary

Ozhan Turan, MD, PhD research focus is on the identification of abnormal placental development in-situ and the prevention of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes through the use of ultrasound imaging. He has deloped a novel 2 and 3 dimensional ultrasound technique to predict preterm birth and has extensive training in fetal intervention and complex obstretric surgery.

Research Interests

  • Prenatal Diagnosis and High Risk Pregnancy
  • Abnormal Placentation
  • Morbidly adherent placental disorders
  • Complex obstetric surgery

About Dr. Ozhan Turan

Dr. Ozhan Turan, MD, PhD
Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences