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Dr. Junseok Son Research

Junseok Son

Junseok Son, PhD
Faculty Profile

Summary of Research Program

Dr. Son's lab focuses on the impact of maternal exercise, obesity and other physiological environments on fetal development and offspring metabolic health, emphasizing the epigenetic modifications linking nutrients and metabolites to stem/progenitor cells into myocytes/adipocytes.

Ultimately, we aim to translate our work into clinical practice with respect to improving health outcomes for mothers and children affected by obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

Research Interests

  • Perinatal Exercise and Placental Development
  • Maternal Exercise and Fetal Development: Brown Fat and Muscle Perspectives
  • Longitudinal Approach of Maternal Exercise and Exerkine Effects on Offspring

About Dr. Son

Junseok Son, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences