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Didactic Program

Our didactic program takes the unique approach of separating resident lectures by year, with the lecture series tailored specifically to the needs of our CA-1s, CA-2s, and CA-3s. Our schedule is created and closely follows the ABA content outline for the Basic and Advanced staged examinations. All didactics take place during protected time; all residents are relieved of clinical duty to attend these sessions. 

Interactive Lecture Series

These sessions are interactive sessions aimed to hone in on the essential fund of knowledge concepts that are critical to the practice of anesthesiology. Each year is separated to create a gradient of knowledge base from basic to advance based on the ABA content outline for the Basic and Advanced staged examinations.

  • The CA-1 year encompasses the basic fundamentals essential for our practice
  • The CA-2 year progresses towards a more advanced curriculum
  • The CA-3 year encompasses an overall comprehension of the essential concepts and preparation for the advanced examination and oral board preparation

Board Review Sessions

Board reviews are designed to help prepare CA-1 residents for the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) BASIC Examination and CA-3 residents for the ABA advanced examination. These board review sessions are scheduled from October through June of each academic year. The Basic Examination is scheduled twice a year through the ABA in June and November. The Advanced examination is scheduled twice a year through the ABA in July and January. Residents are given the opportunity to test their skills with multiple choice questions on a designated topic. These questions are then discussed within a group forum for basic understanding and knowledge base. In addition, each resident utilized an online question back to assist in their standardized test-taking preparation.

Journal Club

These interactive sessions bring to light and discussion the recent topics within our specialty. The residents select the topic and articles to discuss and guide the discussions among their peers.

Mock Oral

This session provides a senior resident with the opportunity to practice an oral examination with faculty that have expertise in this arena. This session will further prepare our residents for the ABA oral examination after graduation.

Grand Rounds

Each resident has the opportunity to present at our department grand rounds. In addition, these conferences are presented by leaders in our field throughout the country as well as local presenters. This is also the forum for our morbidity and mortality learning sessions.

Chairman’s Conference

Our chairman, Dr. Rock, leads a weekly conference for our residents. This conference focuses on problem-based learning via a group discussion method. 

Visiting Professorship Lectures

The department sponsors a number of internationally and nationally renowned professors to visit our institution and give a two-day lecture series on their leading research or topic of expertise.

In addition, the department hosts the annual Helrich & Matjasko Professorship Lecture. This lecture honors the previous chairs of our department who made significant contributions to the growth of the specialty of anesthesiology.


Our simulation is robust and includes basic task training to realistic multidisciplinary scenarios that all residents participate in annually. Each year, the scenarios are different, to allow the residents to get the most out of these sessions. Our department directs the MASTRI Center for the institution and our simulation division has been accredited by the ABA/SEN to certify anesthesiologists through MOCA.

All sessions are organized by our departmental faculty with training and expertise in simulation. 

Learn more about the Maryland Anesthesiology Program in Simulation (MAPS)

Ultrasound Curriculum

Our ultrasound curriculum consists of sessions developed and directed by faculty with training and expertise in anatomical, regional and cardiac ultrasound. We have created a basic and advanced component to our curriculum to tailor for the specific level of training.