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Emeriti - Volunteer (Non-Tenure Track)

* The Emeriti titles are not merely honorific titles. They are awarded to faculty upon retirement or afterwards, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the School or University.

Professor Emeritus
Professor Emerita
Associate Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor Emerita

Deadline: N/A


Submit a request from the chair, addressed to the Dean, but emailed to OAA, asking for pre-approval to submit a packet for an emeritus/emerita promotion before collecting documentation for the packet. The letter should outline the candidate's contributions to the department and UMSOM during their career and describe their expected ongoing contributions after retirement. Include a current CV with the letter.

Promotion Packet

  • UMSOM Faculty Emeritus Dean’s Office Policy
  • After receiving pre-approval to submit a packet for an emeritus/emerita promotion, compile a promotion packet using the emeriti documentation guidelines/checklist
  • Ensure all signatures are original, not electronic or stamped
  • Documentation must be dated no earlier than 90 days prior to the date the packet is submitted to OAA (or to the department APT Committee)
  • The candidate's legal name (name in the eUMB System) and degree must be consistent throughout all documentation
  • Effective date should be the first day of the faculty member's retirement (day after their last day of work)
  • A retroactive effective date will not be processed without prior approval (Contact OAA before submitting)
  • Even if revisions are not needed, faculty promotions at these ranks may take 4 to 6 months to process, as they are reviewed by the OAA, APT Committee, Executive Committee, School of Medicine Council, Dean, and President
  • Do not send a separate copy of the CV in Word format until it is requested by OAA. Be sure to keep track of the final version as requested revisions are made