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The biostatistics faculty provides course instruction in biostatistics and bioinformatics for graduate programs in the School of Medicine. Information regarding enrollment, course curriculum, or application procedures can be found at the individual webpages below:

  1. Leads the Biostatistics curriculum of the UMB GPILS Public Health Program.
  2. Co-leads the UMB-UMBC joint graduate programs in Biostatistics.

Sample of Courses

Course Description# creditsSemester OfferedInstructor
Intro to Biostatistics for MPH students 3 Fall Goloubeva
Intro to Biostatistics for MS, PHD, and Epidemiology track MPH students 3  Fall Brown
Advanced Quantitative Methods in Epidemiology 2 every other year Magder
Regression Analysis 2 Fall Chen
Statistical Methods for Molecular Biology 2 Spring Chen
Statistical Methods in Epidemiology 3 Spring Zhan
Longitudinal Data Analysis 3 Spring Magder
Introduction to SAS 2 Fall Zhan
Survival Analysis 2 Fall Zhan
Research Practicum I 3 Spring *
Research Practicum II 2 Summer *
*The statistician serves as statistician for all projects, is present for all research presentations to provide critiques, and lectures on methods.