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Our fellows gain competence in TEE training with two months of dedicated echocardiography time in both the cardiology echo lab as well as operating rooms. They receive training in TEE, TTE, epiaortic and 3D technologies.  We currently have five Phillips IE33 machines and Phillips Xcelera archiving, which allows for easy review of previous echos outside of the operating room.  All IE33 machines have 3D capability.

Our fellows perform well over the required number of TEE examinations each year for the advanced PTE certification. The fellows are strongly encouraged to attend the SCA Perioperative TEE meeting in Atlanta, GA in preparation for taking the Advanced PTE exam. The department has four echocardiography technicians that are themselves skilled practitioners who support the technical aspects of the echocardiography service, so that our fellows can concentrate on learning the techniques of echocardiography.