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APT Partners

Department/Program/Center/InstituteTypeAPT PartnerPhone
Anatomy & Neurobiology Basic Science Leslie Fitzpatrick 6-3590
Anesthesiology Clinical Candace Gaphardt
Shawna Kessler
Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Center Allison Robinson  6-1104
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Basic Science Heather Theis   6-2666
Center for Biomedical Engineering and Technology (BioMET) Center Wendy Marshall 6-8956
Center for Integrative Medicine Center Libré McAdory 6-6187
Center for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Center Evets Morgan  6-1198
Center for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases Center Teah Mosley  6-8113
Dermatology Clinical Betsy Satosky  4-1199
Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Clinical Barbara Stewart 8-3477
Emergency Medicine Clinical Tiara Williams
Ross Rucks
Epidemiology & Public Health Basic Science Cindy Geppi 6-2406
Family and Community Medicine Clinical Cathy Malecki 4-1849
Institute for Genome Sciences Institute Nikki Bilenky 6-0789
Institute of Human Virology Institute Amy Spicer 6-1977
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) Institute Kimberly Curry 410-234-8853
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC) Center Karen Carter 410-402-6051
Medical & Research Technology Allied Health Lisa Rodgers  6-7070
Medicine Clinical Avanika Dave
Robyn Crandell
Microbiology & Immunology Basic Science Mona Kiriakos 6-6969
Neurology Clinical Caren Kamel 8-3654
Neurosurgery Clinical Alexandra (Alex) Palleschi 8-8621
Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences Clinical Rosemary Rheubottom 8-5966
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Clinical Amy Kopec 4-1197
Orthopaedics Clinical Ellie Kaszak
Heather Pryor
8 -8007
Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery      Clinical Mellisa Tibbs Lantaya 8-3267
Pathology Clinical Lisa Rodgers  6-7070
Pediatrics Clinical Kathleen O’Donnell-Walker  8-4285
Pharmacology Basic Science N. Shalon Edwards 6-7333
Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science Allied Health Donna Bethke 6-5216
Physiology Basic Science Marty Lind 6-3652
Program in Comparative Medicine/Veterinary Program Rebecca Forst 6-8536
Program in Oncology Program Beverly Dennis
Darcel Williams
Program in Trauma Program Betsy Burcham
Natasha Nolan
Psychiatry Clinical Liz Tafida 8-7027
Radiation Oncology Clinical Cathy Hall
Tracy Walker
Shock, Trauma & Anesthesiology Research Center (STAR) Center Kristie Nichols  8-6844
Surgery Clinical Pamela Griffin 8-8752