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Gladwin-in-labWelcome to the Laboratory of Translational Redox Medicine (TRx Med)

Learn more about our laboratory and our mission in advancing translational redox medicine

What is translational redox medicine?

Translational redox medicine is a type of ‘benchtop to bedside’ biomedical research that specifically focuses on disease states and/or treatments that involve a reductive or oxidative (“redox”) change in their respective biochemical mechanism of action. As such, the biomedical research of this laboratory focuses on blood and vascular tissues, where key ‘redox sensitive’ hemoproteins largely appear, and abnormal changes in the redox status of these hemoproteins are hallmarks of many vascular and pulmonary disease states, several of which are highlighted below in our teams’ work. 


John Hwang, TRx Med Lab Manager:
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Department of Medicine, Office of the Dean
670 W. Baltimore St.
HSF 3 Building, Lab 7140
Baltimore, MD 21201