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Faculty & Staff

‌‌Primary Faculty 

Clayton Brown, PhD
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: biostatistics, randomized controlled trials, observational studies, mental health

Jessica Brown, PhD
Assistant Professor
Director, Capstone Experience
Director, Community and Population Health Concentration

Research/Clinical Keywords: health behavior change, sleep, midlife mental health, survey methodology, health disparities

Bruce DeForge, PhD
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: medical sociology – social psychological aspects of health, health attitudes/beliefs, health status, quality of life, social/psychological well-being, health disparities, health literacy, sociology of mental health (stigma), social psychology (attitudes and public opinion, self-concept), homelessness, mental health policy

Samer El-Kamary, MB BCh, MSc, MPH
Associate Professor
Director, Global Health Concentration 

Research/Clinical Keywords: general pediatrics, global health, epidemiology, bioethics, vaccinology

Nancy Ellish, DrPH, MS
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: workforce development, health behavior, health communication, health disparities, ophthalmic epidemiology

Olga Goloubeva, PhD, MSc

Research/Clinical Keywords: clinical trial design, population-based databases, biostatistics

Wendy Lane, MD, MPH
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌child maltreatment, child abuse, child neglect, health disparities, birth outcomes, maternal and child health

Larry Magder, PhD
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌biostatistics, epidemiologic methods, longitudinal data analysis, analysis of misclassified data, modeling transmission probabilities, systemic lupus erythematosus

Yolanda Ogbolu, PhD, RN, CRNP
Assistant Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌maternal newborn child health disparities, nationally and internationally with a focus on social justice; cultural competency for health professionals and organizations; building nurse capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa through partnerships with nursing universities

Charlene Quinn, PhD, RN
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌older adults, mobile health, telehealth, diabetes, chronic disease, health policy

Henry Silverman, MD, MA
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌medical ethics, research ethics, distance learning education

Diane Marie M. St. George, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, MPH Program
Director, Epidemiology Concentration  

Research/Clinical Keywords: epidemiology education, health disparities, youth

Michael Terrin, MD, CM, MPH

Research/Clinical Keywords: ‌clinical trials, pulmonary disease, cardiovascular epidemiolog, data coordinating centersalth

Susan Wozenski, JD, MPH
Assistant Professor
School of Nursing Representative 

Research/Clinical Keywords: 

Min Zhan, PhD
Associate Professor

Research/Clinical Keywords: biostatistics, survival analysis, longitudinal studies, applications of statistical methods in clinical research, patient safety, biomarker studies, population-based health surveys, health services research in chronic kidney disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases

Secondary Faculty 

Master of Public Health Staff

Director of Collaborative Initiatives
Kara Longo, MS
(410) 706-7210

Academic Program Coordinator
Andrea Manning, MS
(410) 706-0539