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Fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases

This unique program offers outstanding clinical training and research opportunities in infectious diseases, vaccine development, and public health.

The fellowship is supported through a T32 training grant from the National Institutes of Health in vaccinology. The clinical training takes place at the University of Maryland Children's Hospital, a large tertiary level referral hospital with all pediatric and surgical sub-specialty services. Faculty members are committed to education and professional development of the fellows.

We offer outstanding opportunities for research in vaccine development and international health. The CVD is an international leader in the development and evaluation of vaccines, with a focus on diseases that have the greatest burden among children in developing countries. Research ranges from basic pathogenesis, vaccine development and immunology, to epidemiology, clinical trials and public health research in domestic and international settings. This position is open to individuals who have successfully completed a pediatric residency program. Fellows who have completed one year of clinical training elsewhere and still need to fulfill their research requirements may also apply. US citizenship or Green Card is required.

Please contact for additional information and visit the Division of Infectious Disease & Tropical Pediatrics website.

Individuals interested in fellowship opportunities  are encouraged to contact individual faculty.

Addtional certificate and degree progams

Certificate in clinical research (12 credits)

Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSCR, 30 credits)

Graduate school catalog