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  • University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Studying New Approach to Fighting Antibiotic-Resistant Wound Infections

    U.S. Military-Funded Research Could Help Stave Off Drug-Resistant Staph Infections

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  • UM SOM Scientist Awarded Roux Prize for Vaccine Work in Mali

    Samba Sow, MD, Msc Recognized for Saving the Lives of Children in Mali Through Hib Vaccination Program

  • UM SOM Vaccine Expert Warns of Risks of Influenza to Older Populations

    CVD Director Kathleen Neuzil Says People 65 and Older Risk Severe Complications from Influenza

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  • UM SOM Research Supports New Approach for Protecting Infants from Malaria

    Targeting Pregnant Women Against Malaria Through Vaccination Could Protect Infants

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  • UM School of Medicine Receives $2 Million Grant for HIV Research in Malawi

    Researchers Will Study Impact of HIV Exposure During Pregnancy on Infant Immune Development

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  • UM SOM Pediatrics Infectious Disease Specialist Receives J. Tyson Tildon Award for Excellence in Pediatric Research

    Division of Malaria Research Director Recognized for Global Child Health Research

  • Excerpts from the ASTMH and CSIS: Alan J. Magill Malaria Eradication Symposium

  • Singapore's National Defense R&D organization toured the IGH on 16 February 2017

  • Diagnosing, preventing, treating, controlling, eliminating and eradicating diseases of global impact

  • Conducting innovative, world-leading research in Baltimore and overseas

  • Collaborating with other UMSOM Institutes, Centers, Departments and Programs, and other UMB and University of Maryland System Schools

Institute for Global Health (IGH)

About the IGH

The IGH, established in 2015 at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, is dedicated to improving global health by conducting innovative, world-leading research in Baltimore and around the world.

A Global Foot Print:
Current Research and Development

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Singapore's National Defence R&D organization, DSO Singapore, visited UMB on 16 February 2017 to discuss potential collaboration ranging from detection and diagnostics to prophylactics and therapeutics for infectious diseases. Chris Plowe, MD, MPH, FASTM gives a tour of the IGH.

The IGH includes the Center for Vaccine Development (CVD), directed by Kathleen Neuzil, MD, MPH, who also serves as Deputy Director of IGH, and the Division of Malaria Research, directed by Miriam Laufer, MD. Under the Institute umbrella, CVD continues its 40-year mission to develop, test and deploy vaccines against infectious diseases that will aid the world's underserved population. Former CVD Director Myron M. Levine, MD, DTPH is a senior advisor to the IGH, and Associate Dean for Global Health, Vaccinology and Infectious Diseases.

The new Division of Malaria Research performs the crucial work needed to support global malaria eradication. That work, led by Dr. Laufer, includes developing and deploying innovative tools for improved malaria treatment, prevention and surveillance. The IGH is an instrumental partner in a new international initiative to eliminate malaria in Myanmar.

With more than 30 faculty physicians and scientists, the IGH collaborates with other School of Medicine institutes, centers, departments and programs, as well as other schools on campus, and other entities within the University System of Maryland.


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Christopher V. Plowe, MD, MPH, FASTMH
IGH Founding Director

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IGH News

Global Health Seminar Oct. 16. Our speaker for this event is Manhattan Charurat, PhD, MHS, Director of the Division of  Epidemiology & Prevention athe Institute Of Human Virology. Dr. Charuat's discussion will be: Optimizing HIV Prevention in Nigeria: Is Epidemic Control Achievable?
12:00 Noon, SMC Campus Center, Elm Ballroom 208A

UM SOM Receives $2 Million Grant for HIV Research in Malawi

Global Health Seminar Series Sept. 18. Our speaker for this event is Junaid Razzak, MBBS, FACEP, PhD, a professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Razzak's discussion will be: Emergency Health System in Unstable Urban Areas: Experience from Karachi, Pakistan. 12:00 noon, HSF II Auditorium, 20 Penn Street. 

IGH News