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Division of Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

The Division of Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine provides clinical, research, preventive care and advocacy for adolescents from 12 to 24 years of age in a variety of clinical settings, such as the hospital-based adolescent clinic as well as in school based clinics and community settings. The Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine offers continuing comprehensive primary and subspecialty care, prevention and outreach services, and research opportunities to young people from adolescence through early adulthood (12-24 years) throughout Maryland with a primary focus on the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Clinical Programs

The Division of Community Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine offers continuing comprehensive primary and subspecialty care to young people from adolescence through early adulthood (12-24 years). Division faculty members have expertise in medicine, nursing, psychology, nutrition, statistics, health education, social work and outreach.  To learn more about the clinical services we provide, please visit our page on the University of Maryland Children's Hospital website.



  • The Health Improvement for Youth study examines the role of mindfulness in adherence to HIV care and treatment among HIV infected adolescents. Specifically, this two-armed randomized, controlled trial will help us to better understand the specific impact of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on HIV medication and treatment adherence in HIV-infected youth, and the efficacy of MBSR in the amelioration of stress and improved self-regulation. 
  • The Adolescent to Adult Patient-centered HIV Transition (ADAPT) Study being conducted in Nigeria evaluates the impact of a peer transition intervention to determine (1) How do we best support and sustain the transition process from pediatric to adult medical care for HIV-infected adolescents? and, (2) Can a locally designed and patient-centered process better engage adolescents in transition resulting in improved clinical outcomes?

Innovative Youth Programs

HIV Stops With Me is a national social marketing campaign that aims to prevent the spread of HIV while also reducing the stigma associated with the disease. The campaign features real HIV positive people talking about real issues. The Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine collaborated with IDHEA to recruit young sexual minority youth (SMY) spokesmodels from Baltimore to be a part of this national campaign to represent sexual minority population, youth, and Baltimoreans living with HIV.

Project Health’s aim is to build community capacity and infrastructure to provide culturally competent HIV partnerships that provide prevention services, expand the network of linkage into care, & coordinate community partnerships that improve access to & outcomes of prevention and care services to MSM & SMY populations within Baltimore City and the Central Region of Maryland (Ann Arundel County, Baltimore County, Harford County, and Howard County). Project Health is designed to outreach to the LGBT community by creating popular opinion leaders at social venues and business that serve the LGBT community. Project Health trains local health department staff on LGBT interventions and promotes referrals of adolescent to STAR TRACK HIV services. Project Health also has a MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) Outreach Team that provides targeted HIV prevention and education services to the community. Peer outreach staff work to ensure that YMSM are educated about what makes them most at risk for HIV and ensures their informed so that people can make the best decisions with respects to sexual health.

RISE is an intervention for MSM that provides a healthy, self-affirming environment in which participants are able to explore multiple psychosocial issues related to self-acceptance and disclosure, leading to increased readiness for enrollment into health services. RISE is a two-day intervention that recruits African American YMSM into a curriculum that addresses the impact of homophobia and internalized oppression as it relates to sexual high-risk behaviors.

YMSM Support Group: Meet every 3rd Thursday of the month. Young Men who have Sex with Men (YMSM) ages 18-29, are welcome. Topics focus on issues that impact YYMSM in Baltimore. These groups are facilitated by peer-leaders and overseen by a SMY specialist. Here you will find support from members of the community as well as have the opportunity to support other young men who are experiencing similar issues and concerns.



  • Susan Lovelace, CRNP
  • Debra Houck, PNP
  • Jamal Hailey, MA, Director of Programs
  • Whitney Burton, MSW, MPH, CPH, Statewide Program Manager
  • Jasmine Pope, Program Manager 
  • Hernan Luduena Segre, MS, Program Manager

Contact Information

737 W. Lombard St., Suite 215, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 328-TEEN (8336)
Fax: (410) 328-4379