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Sarah Boudova, PhD
Medical Student, Year 4
Medical Scientist Training Program
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Thesis work:

  • "The Effects of Malaria in Pregnancy on Infant Susceptibility of Malaria," Dr. Boudova found that children born to mothers with chronic placental malaria had altered cytokine profiles at birth and increased rates of malaria during infancy. She also showed that the prevalence of malaria at first antenatal visit was inversely related to a universal bednet campaign, suggesting that this low-cost intervention could improve the health of mothers and children. Years: 2012-2016


Elena Artimovich 

2014 Summer Students

  • Sara Nelson-Owens
  • Michael Skaro
  • Kanisha Sureschchandr
  • Bettie Wanjeri


Kay Thwe Han
Research Scientist/Head
Department of Medical Research Lower Myanmar 

Shawna Graves
Postdoctoral Fellow at California Institute for Biomedical Research 

Mary Sedegah
MS awarded 

Meera Venkatesan, PhD
AAAS Science and Technology Fellow and Malaria Technical Advisor
President's Malaria Initiative at USAID


Brittni Naylor
Undergraduate at Louisiana State University 

Simon Emaikwu
Undergraduate at University of Maryland Baltimore County

Jessica Cassin
MS awarded

Lauren Cohee, MD
Chief Resident at Johns Hopkins

Eric Gottlieb (MS Candidate)
Medical Student at University of Maryland Baltimore

Leo Kenefic, PhD
Assistant Professor in Medical and Research Technology

Aamer Khattak
PhD student at Quaid I Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan

Christian Larsen (MD Candidate)
Medical Student at University of Maryland Baltimore  

Sarah Schaffer DeRoo (MD Candidate)
Medical Student at University of Maryland Baltimore