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Garima Bansal, PhD

Garima joined CVD as Postdoctoral Fellow in July 2021. Her research focuses on developing Live Attenuated Non-transmissible (LANT) Salmonella vaccines. She is interested in evaluating the LANT vaccines immunogenicity, and protective efficacy in mice. The overall goal is to develop vaccines against invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella (iNTS) disease.

Garima received a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. She obtained Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular biology and PhD in Biology (Microbiology) from Howard University in Washinton DC. Her dissertation titled as “Phenotypic, molecular and whole genome sequence analysis of clinical isolates of A. baumannii from four Washington DC hospitals” focused on investigating clonality, virulence, and antibiotic resistance patterns of A. baumannii isolates. As a postdoctoral fellow at Uniformed Services University, she worked on understanding copper homeostasis mechanism in Acinetobacter baumannii to identify potential therapeutic targets. Primary mentor: Dr. Tennant

Jose Lemme Dumit, PhD

Jose Lemme Dumit, PhD

Jose’s research areas of interests are mucosal immunology, immune mechanisms of response and vaccines and immune therapies to prevent enteric infections. He has expertise in the development and characterization of human ex vivo immune enteroid models. He has training in tissue culture, imaging techniques, flow cytometry technique, in vitro immune cells functional assays, and microbiology. Primary Mentor: Dr. Pasetti


Susana Portillo, PhD

Susana joined the CVD as a Postdoctoral Fellow in July 2020. She will be focusing on maternal-infant immunity under the mentorship of Dr. Marcela Pasetti. Her work will include evaluating qualitative and functional aspects of immune responses to Tetanus, Diphtheria and acellular Pertussis (TdaP) in pregnant women as well as the impact of maternal immunity on infant immune responses to routine vaccines.

Susana received a BS in Microbiology and PhD in Biosciences from The University of Texas at El Paso. Her dissertation focused on the use of alpha-Gal-containing neoglycoproteins as biomarkers and vaccine candidates for Chagas disease and Leishmaniasis. She is interested in immunology, with an emphasis in vaccinology, in vulnerable populations.

Girmay Desalegn Tarekegn, PhD

Girmay Desalegn Tarekegn, PhD

Girmay is an immunologist with good experience in immunological techniques, in vitro culture and immune functional assays. In addition, he completed a post-graduate vaccinology course at the Pasteur Institute. He has studied mucosal immunology and infectious diseases such as TB and HIV. Currently, Girmay is conducting a research on shigella vaccine and his area of interest is studying the immunogenicity and antigenicity of a novel Shigella Vaccine and its protection efficacy. Primary Mentor: Dr. Pasetti