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Flow Cytometry Shared Service


The University of Maryland Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center Flow Cytometry Shared Service (FCSS) offers equipment and technical expertise to the entire campus, as well as outside clients in conducting research in all areas of basic and applied biomedical sciences.


  • Experimental design, troubleshooting, consultation and grant application
  • Cell sorting performed by staff
  • Monthly lecture covers basic knowledge, useful tools, and new development. Free and open to all.
  • Hands on training on analyzers (LSR II, Canto II, Accuri C6, and FlowSight) Investigators are encouraged to use the analyzers independently.
  • Training on analysis software


Cytek Aurora Spectral Cytometer

  • 3 lasers: 488 nm, 405 nm, 640 nm
  • > 20 color detection
  • Use 38 high sensitive APD detectors to read the whole spectrum of each color
  • Resolve colors with similar emission spectrums
  • Small particle detection: 100 nm range

Cytek Aurora Spectral Cytometer

Red represents the spillover from the dye in the row to the dye in column

Cytometry-Shared01Amnis FlowSight Imaging Cytometer

  • 4 lasers: 407, 488, 552, 640 nm, 405nm, 561nm
  • 10 colors
  • 20X magnification
  • Autosampler


Cytometry-Shared03BD Aria II Cell Sorter

  • 4 lasers: 488 nm, 633 nm, 405 nm, 552 nm
  • 11 colors
  • 96-well single cell sorting, 4-way sorting
  • Index sorting
  • BSL-2 enhanced sorting inside of bioBUBBLE enclosure

Cytometry-Shared04BD LSR II

  • 4 lasers: 488 nm, 640 nm, 405 nm, 561 nm
  • 13 colors
  • High throughput sampler

Cytometry-Shared05BD CANTO II

  • 2 lasers: 488 nm, 640 nm
  • 6 colors


BD Accuri C6

  • 2 lasers: 488 nm, 640 nm
  • 4 colors
  • Volume measurement
  • Located in HSF II, S107


Cytometry-Shared07FCS Express 6 Site License

No charge for facility users



Cytometry-Shared08FlowJo Dongles

PC and Mac dongles can be borrowed at no charge.

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Xiaoxuan Fan, PhD



Karen F. Underwood, M.S.

Research Lead Specialist 

Bryan Hahn, BS

Cell Sorter Operator 


Room 7-022, Bressler Research Building
685 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21201


Monday through Friday
7:00am - 5:00pm


Office: 410-706-2173
Fax: 410-328-6559



Experiments should preferably be scheduled one to two weeks in advance.

All sample analysis and cell sorting is done by Core Laboratory personnel.

The “Rules and Regulations” form (Revision March 10, 2015) is available at the CVD Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

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