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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry Resolution to Address Racism  

The Department of Psychiatry is committed to actively examining, identifying, and addressing systemic racism and structural inequality. These issues are complex, affecting not only our Department but the entire medical system and Campus. Through work with our School of Medicine and University of Maryland Medical System colleagues and partners, we are committed to modifying policies and operations to assure our ongoing commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. 

Our action plans include the establishment and development of:

1. Diversity leadership within the Department 

2. Diversity and Antiracism curriculum for all trainees 

3. Department-wide initiatives and training in antiracism and social justice 

4. Leadership training to facilitate difficult conversations 

5. Recruitment and retention strategies for faculty and staff


The Department of Psychiatry is one of the largest collaborative teams on campus, and includes competitively funded researchers, top-tier clinicians, and closely knit educators.

Take advantage of our prime location
We are within the heart of Baltimore City and are a key player in west Baltimore. Our prime location provides us with direct access to our community for impactful, hands-on research and patient care.

Influence public policy
We educate state leaders and provide cutting-edge program evaluations to the state. We are approximately 30 minutes from the state capitol, the oldest in the nation; as well as 60 minutes from the NIH and Washington D.C.

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Jill Rachbeisel
Jill RachBeisel, MD
Interim Department Chair

"This is Baltimore: The Impact of Historical Structural Racism on Health"
Chuck Callahan, DO, FAAP

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This is Baltimore by Chuck Callahan, DO, FAAP 

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