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Founded in 2008, the Shock, Trauma and Anesthesiology Research Organized Research Center (STAR-ORC) encompasses the Congressionally-mandated National Study Center for Trauma and Emergency Medical Systems; the clinical research activities of the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center; the clinical research programs of the Program in Trauma; and the pre-clinical and clinical research programs of the Department of Anesthesiology.

The STAR Center's mission is to facilitate translational research in areas related to trauma, tissue injury, critical care, and anesthesiology. With the combined resources of the School of Medicine, the Shock Trauma Center, the National Study Center, and the UMB campus, the STAR-ORC is uniquely positioned to enhance patient care through pre-clinical and clinical research. 

Research Areas

Critical Care Research

‌‌CNS Injury and Neuroprotection

‌‌Big Data and Machine Learning

Clinical Research