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Medical Examiners and Pathologists

Medical Examiners are essential to our mission.

Medical examiners and pathologist assistants are essential for the retrieval and banking of brain and other tissue. We rely on these professionals throughout the United States to properly recover brains and perform the initial steps for tissue preservation and for shipment of fixed and frozen specimens to our facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

For More Information:

Contributing Medical Examiners
Here you'll find a partial list of Medical Examiners that have assisted the Brain and Tissue Bank in retrieving brain and other tissue.

Consent and Tissue Recovery Process
Learn about the process for obtaining consent and preparing tissue for shipment, which is in accordance with our Institutional Review Board protocol. The process is designed to be as straight forward as possible for the Medical Examiner or Pathologist Assistance.

Minimum Protocol
Standard Operating Prodeducres (SOP) from the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank.