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Certificate Program in Clinical Research

Rationale for the Program

Clinicians and scientists who wish to work in clinical research often need additional didactic training in order to gain analytic skills that are not covered in their health professional or graduate education. Many faculty and fellows are not able to take the entire MS in Clinical Research track but would like evidence that they have successfully completed training in clinical research. The Maryland Higher Education Commission has approved the Certificate Program in Clinical Research.

Educational Objectives of the Program

To provide didactic training (12 credits of coursework) in the core aspects of clinical research.

  • Design and conduct a study that minimizes bias and confounding.
  • Design studies that can be applied to clinical practice.
  • Access and critically appraise research literature in medicine and related domains.
  • Form research question, operationalize variables.
  • Know when and how to use quantitative methods and understand the results.
  • Choose the appropriate sample size and power to test hypotheses.
  • Effectively collect and maintain study data.
  • Evaluate and communicate study findings to scientific and lay audiences.
  • Write a research grant proposal that will successfully compete for funding.
  • Manage a research team and build multidisciplinary collaborations.
  • Respect and protect the rights and welfare of individuals participating in research.

Description of Program

This 12 credit certificate in clinical research program will provide training in the core competencies of clinical research including:

  • study design
  • biostatistics
  • data management
  • scientific communication
  • the ethical, legal and regulatory issues in clinical research

List of Courses

  • PREV 600 (3 credits) Principles of Epidemiology
  • PREV 616 (2 credits) Introduction to Clinical and Translational Research at UMB
  • PREV 633 (2 credits) Application of Legal and Regulatory Issues in Clinical Research
  • CIPP 907/CIPP 909 (1 credit) Responsible Conduct of Research
  • PREV 620* (3 credits) Principles of Biostatistics OR PREV 621 (3 credits) Biostatistical Methods (with approval, students may substitute another 3 credit biostatistics course to meet this requirement)
  • PREV 710 (1 credit) Clinical and Translational Research Project Design and Implementation

*Please Note: PREV 620 must be taken concurrently with PREV 619 Introduction to SAS (1 credit). Most certificate students should plan to take PREV 621 unless they plan to transfer into the MS in Clinical Research program. If planning to transfer, students should take PREV 619 and PREV 620.

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Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to obtain a B or higher in all courses to demonstrate competency in the above areas at the level of a certificate program.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate School requires:

  • a completed application (online or paper),
  • one set of official transcripts from all prior undergraduate and and graduate study,
  • three letters of recommendation and a statement of academic goals and research interests,
  • GRE scores (or professional training program score - MCAT etc.)

Due dates for the Certificate applications:

  • March 1, 2022 (early admission deadline)
  • May 15, 2022 (final deadline)

Please note: Application deadline for 2021 has passed. Applications will no longer be accepted for 2021.

Please refer to the application instructions for complete information regarding application requirements.

For more information about admissions:

Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial assistance is not available for the certificate program.

For more information, please visit UMB Financial Services.